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What Makes Blazin' Brownies Mix Different?

Everyone asks me how Blazin' Brownies are different the regular grocery store brownie mix. I love explaining what makes Blazin' Brownies special because I personally spent years testing out brownie recipes with a willing "test panel" of friends. It started with a little science, some trial and error and eventually we landed on the perfect product. Most of all though, it was delicious and a lot of fun. I hope your baking experience is the same.

For those who want the short answer, here's the main idea:

Powdered Oils in the Mix bind with herbal oil preventing "bake-off" and loss of active ingredients.
• All Natural, no chemicals that can interact negatively with your herbs.
• No Eggs Are Needed, to make the mix super easy.
• Quick Cooking, only 3 minutes for our new Microwave mix! 30 minutes for our Original mix.
• Less Herb, use as little as 1/8 oz.
• Soy Lectin, increases bodies absorbtion of actives. 
• Coconut Oil, a higher percentage of fatty acids then butter or other oils.

And for our 3 Minute Microwave mix:
No making butter or oil! Just add water and herb!! 

Only for those who want all the nifty details:

The knock down, number one, most important thing in Blazin' Brownies is the combination of powdered oils. When you make an herbal infused oil, your active ingredients are attached to the oil. When you bake brownies you typically bake them at 350 degrees or higher. The problem is that most herbal vaporize at this temperature (actually, even lower). Well, because your oil is exposed to such extreme heat, some of the delicate active ingredients can bake off in the oven, resulting in loss of potency.

By Blazin' Brownies having powdered oils in the mix itself, the heat actually causes the oils to bind and reabsorb into the mix. This results in a stronger herbal brownie.

The second thing that certain chemicals can interact negatively with certain herbs. This doesn't always come into play but I wanted to make sure there was no chance some nasty chemical could come in and harm your gentle herbs. Therefor Blazin' Brownies are made with natural ingredients and contains no ingredients that can negatively effect your infusion.

Another great weapon in Blazin' Brownies is Soy Lecithin, (found in our mixes as Lecithinated Soy Flour). Soy lectin helps your body absord fats and oils better. It's a natural emusifier and is even used in some pharmaceuticals to facilitate getting the drug into your system. This is another way Blazin' Brownies achieve a more potent end result.

 Lastly is coconut oil which is over 60% MCT's (medium-chain triglycerides or fatty acids), compared to the LCT's found in most vegetable oils and animal fats. Butter only contains between 15% - 25% MCT's and contains up to 10% water and milk solids. What this means is there is more of the best types of fats for infusions. Since some herbs are only oil soluble your infusion is already diluted with other oils, again reducing potency. A great tip to even further increase potency (though it is more expensive) is to sub out the vegetable oil in the Blazin' Brownies directions and use actual coconut oil there as well.

So that is the science part, but I also wanted to take into account other factors, like the fact that if you make this brownies frequently for therapeutic purposes, you need them to be as quick and convenient as possible. That lead me to realize how people either don't keep eggs on hand or seem to go through them quickly. Whichever you are I wanted to take that variable out of the equation. So in the name of convenience, no eggs are needed for Blazin' Brownies.

I still wanted to take it a step further though, since I know people have more important things to do with their day then make brownies, I needed them to be quick cooking. Blazin' Brownies cook in 30 minutes in most standard ovens. That is less cooking time then the majority of brownie mixes out there today. Even better out new microwave mix cooks in only 3 minutes and you don't even have to make butter or oil!

Tara Misu - Mary Jane Mix Creator

   Thanks and enjoy the mix! 

~ Tara Misu

   (Owner and creator of Mary Jane Mix)