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Blazin' Bakery

About Blazin' Bakery


Founded in June 2010 by Tara Misu, Blazin' Bakery (formerly Mary Jane Mix) is a part of Tara Misu, LLC. Blazin' Brownies are the first brownie mixes specifically for herbal infusions.


Blazin' Bakery was started with a single product and mission: create a fool-proof system for making delicious, potent, herbal brownies and bring it to the masses.

I sought out pastry friends who could guide the brownie to super rich fudgey-ness, and science friends to experiment with some next-level, high-tech, oil wizardry (you can learn more about the science stuff here). After nearly a year of research (and countless fun nights of product testing) the perfect mix was found.

Originally called Mary Jane Mix, it received rave reviews and caught on quickly. In 2011 it was selected as Top 3 New Products at Seattle Hempfest. It's been featured in several magazines (check out our press section) including High Times who gave it their seal of approval.

The mix is still available with the exact same formulation but is now called Blazin' Brownies Original. It is available in stores nationwide (see out locations list) and at with sales in Australia, Europe and Canada.

In 2013 I decided to it was high time to create some new herbal products. Inspired that we grow past our humble beginnings to become the first name in herbal baked goods I launched Blazin' Bakery.

We just debuted our 2nd product which I'm super excited about called Blazin' Brownies Microwave. It is the first 3 minute, just add water and herb, microwavable herbal brownie. If the happily crazed responses I've been getting from people are any indicator, I think its going to be huge.

Loads more product ideas are in the works; experimenting, tweaking and rolling them out when perfected. Also adding fun accessories and related products to the site..


Blazin' Bakery products are designed for a lifestyle of people involved in Herbalism, or seeking natural herbal remedies and desire a healthier was to ingest their herbs then smoking. The goal is to provide the fastest, most cost-effective and simple way to make your own herbal brownies.

I have spent years making herbal brownies and feel Blazin' Bakery Products are far superior to anything else out there. Every aspect of the mix, the ingredients, texture, baking time, measurements and taste have all been chosen with the sole purpose of herbal brownies in mind.The result was a streamlined, precise system that simplified a task that used to be intimidating and based largely on trial and error.

By the end of my brownie making journey, I was constantly hearing this was the best brownie of people's life. That's when I knew the mix was ready.


I hope you have as much fun with Blazin' Bakery products as I do creating them.

Tara Misu - Blazin' Bakery Creator


Tara Misu
Owner/Creator of Blazin' Bakery