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Blazin' brownie youtube videoBlazin' Bakery was founded in 2010 by Tara Misu with the mission of creating a simple method for anyone to easily make their own potent and delicious herbal edibles at home. It is the first brownie mix with optimized ingredients designed specifically for this purpose. Upon launch it's YouTube How-To quickly became the #1 video on making herbal brownies.

When the product debuted it was named best new product at Seattle Hempfest, the largest festival of its kind. Shortly after it received a glowing review in High Times magazine which lead to further exposure and media coverage.

Tara Misu InterviewsIn 2014 Blazin' Bakery expanded to include a 3 Minute Microwave version of the mix. The Original Mix was picked up by Spencer Gifts and was now nationally available at over 700 stores.

Blazin' Bakery which has always been based in New Jersey is a legacy brand particularly recognizable in the North East where it has been a top selling booth at Boston Hempfest every year.

Speaking CWCBIn recent years the line has continued to expand and now includes CBD products and various herbal accessories. The brand has an ever increasing presence at smoke shops and retailers as well as being a staple booth at festivals nationally. 

Tara Misu has been busy traveling the country, meeting amazing people and spreading the word about Blazin' Bakery. With all that's already been accomplished we've still only touched the surface of what is looking to be an amazing path to come.

Pictured: Jesse Ventura, Keith Stroup, Ed Rosenthal, Jodie Emery, Lawrence TaylorPictured: Jesse Ventura, Keith Stroup, Ed Rosenthal, Jodie Emery, Lawrence Taylor